Ida Maina


Getting to meet teacher Brian as a Chess Tutor was Godsend. One thing I really appreciated was the love that he has for God that has translated into an amazing love and connection with the kids he tutors. His way of connecting with kids not only encourages them but increases their level of confidence greatly.




Jean Njeri


It is my passion to be a very great chess champion and I am relying on my Chess Coach Brian Kidula who also believes that one day I will be participating in great chess championships around the world.


Aasha Manns

Young Student

Terrian Chess Academy (TCA) has taught me so much that I didn’t know about chess. Our teacher Uncle Brian or Uncle B is the best person to go to. He teaches in a way that keeps your attention and I think that is perfect for kids my age and it is so much fun.


Favor Otuma

10 Years Old

I love chess because it’s a fun game to play. Chess is teaching me to learn to stay focused and to plan ahead.


Natalie Mungai

8 Years Old

I love chess because it’s fun and And it teaches me how to concentrate.


Anton Mungai

7 Years Old

I like chess ♟ because it is fun for me. And it’s teaching me how to be more confident.