Transforming Leaders We use chess to transform corporate leaders into high-level strategic thinkers,
decision-makers, and managers capable of managing
an organization in a globally competitive setting.

TCA offers chess-integrated training and executive development programs for small and big businesses, both private and public.

Executive Coaching

We collaborate with senior executives to provide chess-related strategy courses to assist them build the cognitive, leadership, governance, and management skills required in today’s workplace. The programs can be presented to a specific organization in-house or as a public or open seminar (residential and non-residential).

Staff Training

We provide cost-effective and outstanding chess teaching solutions regardless of your budget. We’ll work with you to ensure that your investment pays off. Our in-house courses are tailored to your company’s specific needs and delivered at your convenience and at your preferred time.

Merchandising and Equipment 

This is an ancillary service to the Academy that seeks to source and make available, equipment, kit and tools needed in the Academy. The team also provides advisory services on the best kit and setting for various levels in ways that help manage family resources and grow with the children in their game.

Logistics and Events Management

This team undertakes the mobilization and logistical support of all Academy events and other events as may be deemed to add value to the aims of the Academy. Through a professional team of events managers, every effort is made to ensure the safety of the children, their parents and guardians during such events.

Coaching and Parental Support

This team provides a bridging function by helping to build a chess-loving community in children and parents and the entire community. It holds seminars and other events to support parents and care-givers in walking with children as they learn chess, ensuring a balanced approach to life.

Advocacy and Mobilization

This team helps to engage in policy and other arrangements that identify and build on the benefits of chess to children and society. It holds dinners, symposia and seminars to showcase what children are doing in the world of chess and advocating or greater uptake of chess and other games as resources for building stronger, healthier, thinking nation. It also serves as a CSR arm of the Academy in reaching out to the community and helping advance the course of children in health, education, and sports.