Beginner to Mastery We'll teach you the rules, skills, strategies, and tactics that will
allow you to not only outwit and win, but also conquer
the game and dominate your opponents.

Evidence affirms that chess is more than just a game, a skilled player not only learns the ability to checkmate an opponent, but also strengthens all facets of one’s self – body, mind, and emotion.

Kids Programs

Children are subject to environmental programming as a result of what they are repeatedly exposed to. When chess is introduced early in a child’s life, it aids in the holistic development of personality, imagination, character, discipline, attention, control, and confidence.

Corporate Programs

Chess is an excellent resource for developing leadership skills in today’s complex and dynamic business climate. The game assists corporations in nurturing great strategists who can identify and capitalize on opportunities that others overlook.

School Programs

TCA works in academic and public policy settings to promote curriculum enrichment by campaigning for chess to be included as a core subject, recognizing the game’s value in assisting students in dealing with life’s obstacles.

Senior Citizen Programs

Learning a new game like chess can help address some of the most severe health issues that come with age. Chess is a brilliant way for seniors to actively exercise their brains, resulting in long-term benefits, including combatting diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Outreach Programs

Chess is a fun way to promote the ideals and philosophy of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UN SDGs. TCA’s goal is to move beyond teaching it as a game to utilizing it in the delivery of unique programs that help form a fairer and more just society for everyone while also alleviating pressing socio-economic disadvantages.

Private Programs (Group or Individual)

TCA takes pride in not only having innovative programs, but also in having a pool of well-versed chess tutors and masters, allowing our students to study exclusively from the best in order to improve their playing level. We have over 3000 hours of combined teaching experience to a variety of learners in both group and private sessions.