Who we are

Terrian Chess Academy is one of the few FIDE (World Chess Federation) endorsed academies in the world whose mission is to identify and nurture talent. We train kids from the age of 5 years on how to approach life, holistically, using the game of chess; a proven tool in education as well.

As the pioneer chess academy in Kenya, we have proven beyond doubt that we deliver on our promise, as we embrace our motto of ‘let’s move together’.

Global Partnerships
Terrian Chess Academy has created synergies with other renowned industry players on the world stage.

We are in partnership with the Colombian-born Swedish Grandmaster (GM) Pontus Carlsson, to roll out a series of exciting chess-related initiatives as well as develop a GM chess training curriculum. GM Pontus also runs training Webinars for Terrian Chess Academy clients as discounted rates.

What we offer


Academy runs four distinct Chess programs focused to equipping players with technical and tactical skills for playing chess at recreational and competitive levels.


This is an ancillary service to the Chess Academy and seeks to source and make available, equipment, kit and tools needed in Chess Academy.


This team provides a bridging function by helping to build a Chess loving community in children and parents and the entire community.


Undertakes the mobilization and logistical support of all Academy events and other events as may be deemed to add value to Academy.

Our achievement

Terrian Chess Academy is one of the few FIDE (World Chess Federation) endorsed academies in the world whose mission is to identify and nurture talent.

Our Core Values



Getting to meet Teacher Brian as the Chess Tutor was God sent. One thing I really appreciated was the love that he has for God that has translated into an amazing love and connection with the kids he tutors. His way of connecting with kids not only encourages the kids but increases their level of confidence greatly.
Ida Maina
It is my passion to be a very great chess champion and I am relying on my chess Coach Brian Kidula who also believes that one day I would be participating in great chess championships around the world.
Jean Njeri
Terrian Chess Academy (TCA) has thought me so much that I didn't know about chess. Our teacher Uncle Brian or Uncle B is the best person to go to. He teaches in a way that keeps your attention and I think that is perfect for kids my age and it's so much fun we even do two hours!
Aasha Manns

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MISSION. Identify and nurture young talent, holistically, so that they can grow into competitive chess players as we raise the levels and standards of the game.
VISION. To be the leading chess training centre in the country, aiming at producing players of the highest caliber capable of competing with the best in the world.