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Chess Training

TCA is by and large a service provider in the sports industry targeting chess.

Understanding the need to engage our clientele and enhance the experience for what we offer takes center stage. This position gives us a very unique insider’s opportunity to the needs and requirements of the market that we seek to serve.

TCA’s flagship service so far is training and coaching young and upcoming chess players in the game itself, while mentoring the youth in Kenya and the world to develop critical, problem-solving and strategic thinking skills.

Identifying and nurturing young talent

This is TCA’s core mandate and therefore, gives us the opportunity to reach out to a wider demographic with the numerous successes that we have amassed, while influencing the young mind positively through chess. The Academy has to this end entered into a partnership with the Swedish Grandmaster (GM) and national team captain Pontus Carlsson. (learn more)

The grandmaster will lead the chess training program by developing a curriculum for Kenyan schoolchildren, with the goal of making Kenya a chess powerhouse, as well as empowering the youth with critical and logical thinking, creativity, planning, problem solving, memorization techniques and visualization skills; which will be critical tools in shaping their lives.


Training fee

A training session lasts for an hour for all beginners, which is adjusted upwards as the trainee progresses. A prepaid fee of KSh.8,000 is charged for 10 sessions per child, but a parent/guardian enrolling more than one child gets a discount of KSh200 on 2nd, 3rd etc child so prepays KSh.6,000 for 10 sessions.


Classes run from 7AM – 2PM every Saturday when schools are in session, but during holidays we have a flexible timetable as need dictates. Weekday classes can be arranged on appointment with available kids.

Registration and membership fees

Training Chess

Every trainee of the academy is either a regular member (those who come to our premises for training) or affiliate member (those with whom we partner – either through school clubs, other clubs or collaborators).
Upon enrolling at the academy, regular members are required to pay an annual membership fee of KSh.3,000 and affiliate members pay KSh.5,000. Both cadres are thereafter issued with a membership card and are entitled to the benefits offered by and extended to the academy.

Membership benefits

Become a Member !
  • We will pay their annual membership fee to the national federation and will be therefore recognized as bona fide members of Chess Kenya.
  • Access to the academy’s library and training facilities
  • Can represent the academy in external tournaments as spelt out in the FIDE (World Chess Federation) Handbook’s – Training Regulations 2017 Article 3.3.5 Can send its trainees (maximum one player per category – wild cards) to World & Continental Youth Chess Championships and the World and Continental Chess School Championships
  • Enjoy subsidized entry fees to events organized by the academy
  • Can buy the academy’s branded merchandize and memorabilia at subsidized costs