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Ida Maina

Getting to meet Teacher Brian as the Chess Tutor was God sent. One thing I really appreciated was the love that he has for God that has translated into an amazing love and connection with the kids he tutors. His way of connecting with kids not only encourages the kids but increases their level of confidence greatly.

Our Saturday morning trips to the class have not been in vain as the children are met with a big hug from Tutor Brian and he quickly motivates them to get them warmed up for the class. Chess has helped my daughter Njeri to be an analytical thinker, she is very keen about the decisions she makes, and our discussions with her on varied topics have become very mature and very thought provoking. There are things Njeri says that leave me wondering whether I am really talking to a 9 year old. She has become very mature, expressive, confident and outgoing.

Coach Brian is definitely very passionate about what he is doing and what I really appreciate about him is his eagerness to bring out the best in every child and his relentless drive to make Terrian Chess Academy a World Class Chess Institution. God bless you Coach Brian.

  • Date of Posting : 01 June 2015

  • Posted By : Ida Maina

  • Kilimani

Jean Njeri

Before I started playing chess, I thought it was only for the senior people because they were more interested in chess than the younger ones. When my mum signed me up for chess it was quite boring at the beginning but when I started doing it even more , I got so interested in it that I couldn’t stop doing. It cause I knew deep down in my heart that I want to be one of the chess champions in Kenya.

It is my passion to be a very great chess champion and I am relying on my chess Coach Brian Kidula who also believes that one day I would be participating in great chess championships around the world. When my former chess tutor introduced me to him I was at first scared but I finally got to know him. We got to know each other very well and understood each other.

There were times when he told me about how chess started. Once someone told me that I should do things if I really had the passion to do it, I told them how I really had the passion to be a chess champion. I also learned that chess makes me think ahead, it also makes you concentrate and be serious and stop joking around.

I’m really thankful to God for all the energy he has given Tutor Brian enough to teach children, parents and seniors chess whether they have learnt it or not. I really don’t take it for granted and I pray that he may live long because of the encouragement he gives his students. I would like him to know that I am relying on him to make me a champion. I love you Coach Brian and you are the best tutor in the whole world!!

  • Date of Posting : 01 June 2015

  • Posted By : Jean Njeri

  • I am 9 years old and go to Makini School

Aasha Manns

Terrian Chess Academy (TCA) has thought me so much that I didn't know about chess. Our teacher Uncle Brian or Uncle B is the best person to go to. He teaches in a way that keeps your attention and I think that is perfect for kids my age and it's so much fun we even do two hours!

When my family and I first started learning chess with Uncle B I thought I knew everything about chess but there was so much more to learn. I went from a beginner to an intermediate player in just two months I even went to a tournament and was surprised when I did a splendid job at it. So I am looking forward to more classes and tournaments and I think everyone should start learning chess with in Terrian Chess Academy and bring chess back to life.

  • Date of Posting : 14 May 2015

  • Posted By : Aasha Manns

Dr.Marcus & Mrs.Mavis Manns

When we arrived in Nairobi we needed a teacher who has the patience and the time to teach our family the art of chess mastering. We got Brian Kidula's (We call him Uncle B) name and contact from the Nairobi Chess Club site.

We finally talked with him and we got to meet him. He is super cool and so much fun…he teaches with passion and makes playing chess a fun game of life. In 2 months our kids got so confident in playing chess and understanding that chess is just like our life. Our kids where so excited about playing chess and they participated in the Millionaire Sattelite Chess Tournament, at the Kenyatta International Conference Cenre (KICC) in Nairobi and also started teaching kids at our apartment.

We always say that is definitely the result of an awesome chess teacher. Uncle B is always on time and makes time to be there for the kids constantly. As we are leaving it’s really hard for us because we will miss him so much and not sure we will be able to find any teacher who has the passion to teach our family chess like Uncle B. Our kids also enjoyed going to his Terrian Chess Academy every Saturday where he is always there and available to teach. Our kids are well on their way to creating success and thanks to Uncle B. We will miss you so much.

  • Date of Posting : 14 May 2015

  • Posted By : Dr.Marcus & Mrs.Mavis Manns

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