We are driven by our commitment to excel and make a positive change in the lives of young players. We desire to impact in them the vast and cumulative experiences we have gathered in our chess lives, as we nurture the competitive spirit inherent in all of us.

We believe as we train children, we shall be setting them on a path of greatness and a life filled with meaning, as chess is all about long term planning and strategic thinking. Naturally, their cognitive thinking and thought process will be developed to cope with the vicissitudes of life.


Our training program is comprehensive and tailored towards realizing our mission. If adhered to strictly, our trainees will no doubt stand out from the rest as accomplished chess players.

Not only do we teach about chess, but how it also imitates life, thus raising holistic individuals with a sense of self-worth and believe in their abilities.


A cord of three strands cannot be easily broken, and that is why we put a high premium on teamwork; you, your child and us! Our ultimate goal is to create synergies that can last the test of time and propel each one to their desired destination with the necessary support structures in place.

With this sense of belonging, one feels the need to express himself or herself without reservation, hence realizing ones potential with relative ease, for you will never walk alone!


These are at the core of our existence. We believe in God's power that is at work in us and therefore we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Our values are inextricably bound to who we are and define the path we are treading on.

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