Our People

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships."

Brian Kidula

Brian is a veteran Kenyan chess player with over 25 years experience in the game and is the CEO/Founder of Terrian Chess Academy, where talent is nurtured and developed, especially among young children. He has also been involved in chess management and captained the national team at the 40th Chess Olympiad in Istanbul, Turkey in 2012. He was voted the most active player at the 2013 Chess Kenya Awards night in recognition of his exemplary participation in tournaments, within and without the country. He was the head coach of the national junior team to the 2014 World Youth Chess Championship in Durban, South Africa.

He is passionate about training young children in chess and has been doing this over his active playing career in which he has won several accolades. He was the 2012 Mombasa Open Chess Champion as well the 2014 Rwabushenyi Blitz Champion, and has featured in many tournaments (both locally and in East Africa) and posted impressive results. He is currently serving as the Secretary to the African Chess Confederations Events and Publicity Commission, where he also doubles up as the Zone 4.2 representative, covering 10 countries in Africa.

  • Brian Kidula


  • Ricky Sang

    Marketing Manager

Ricky Sang

Ricky is the Marketing Manager at Terrian Chess Academy. He started playing chess at the age of 13 in high school and took up competitive chess while at the University and finally became the Captain of JKUAT chess club in the year 2005-2007. Whilst at the university, participated and won many East Africa Inter-university tournaments. Highlights on the local chess competition include: Eastlands Open Chess Champion 2013 University Games triple gold medal winner 2004-2006

He is a firm believer in the benefit of introducing chess to kids at a young age as it helps foster their mental capability and inculcate a discipline of analyzing situations and making correct choices while developing better abilities to focus and concentrate. "The passion to ensure the next generation gets this immense benefit from the sport is my ultimate dream".

Ben Magana

CM Ben is the Training Manager at TCA and coordinates all the training activities. He is also tasked with providing relevant training to the most talented kids in the academy, which includes enhancing their cognitive and reasoning skills, with an aim of making all the children maximize their God-given potential.

Ben has an impressive chess career and undoubtedly the most crowned player in the country having been the Kenya National Chess Champion, in the years 2006, 2013, 2014 and the Kenya Open Chess Champion (2004, 2000). He also traveled as part of national team for World Chess Olympiad in Turin, Italy (2006), Dresden, Germany (2008), Istanbul, Turkey (2012) & Tromso, Norway (2014) as well as representing the country in other international chess tournaments. Ben, a Candidate Mater (CM) as recognized by FIDE (the World Chess Federation), is credited with founding the Makini Schools Chess Club and raised awareness and love of the game among pupils and teachers, which imparted chess' (and reasoning) skills to 100-odd kids in 4 Makini schools.

  • Ben Magana

    Training Manager

  • Harold Wanyama

    Online Trainer

Harold Wanyama

FM Harold is a 32 year old chess player that started playing chess at 13 years of age. As our Online Trainer, he is a 5 time Olympian, two time EA chess champion and Uganda national champion. He has represented Uganda on the international scene in countries like Germany, Russia, Turkey, the UAE and Kenya. His best performance to date was in Turkey 2012 where he gained the most rating points at the Olympiad among all the participants that traversed over 150 countries and in so doing got the FIDE Master (FM) title as well.

He has a universal style of play that enables him play any type of position with relative ease. He has won over 15 tournaments locally in Uganda and Kenya. He is a 2 time Rwabushenyi champion and 3 time Mombasa chess champion among others. He was crowned the 2015 Kenya Millionaire Satellite Chess Festival champion, and won himself a fully sponsored trip to participate in the Millionaire Chess tournament in Las Vegas, USA from October 8-12 this year!


Terrian Chess Academy has been in contact with several players in the chess world, and other stakeholders, who are willing and ready to support in offering their expertise in making this noble venture a reality and a success story.

Their words of encouragement and direct involvement in providing their services in their respective fields have been a major boost in propelling us to where we now stand. We salute you!

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