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    Chess encourages healthy competition, teaches patience while optimizing concentration ability, logical thinking ability and enhancing creativity in children.

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    We serve the needs of established and upcoming players by providing training facilities for them

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    Chess is all about having fun

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Welcome to Terrian Chess Academy

As an emerging sport access to learning and playing Chess still remains a big challenge to many Kenyans due to, among others, the lack of trainers and schools where such an exercise can be undertaken. And easy access to equipment - chess sets and boards can also hamper the uptake in playing chess.

This void is what Terrian Chess Academy (TCA) was founded to fill. Without despising a humble beginning, TCA has steadily, in collaboration with the crème de la crème in the chess world, enrolled children in learning chess. As the chess skills and the mastery is imparted to the young learners, the national junior team will be constantly beefed up while preparation for the senior team is grounded. This conveyor belt of producing talent is what shall catapult Kenya to producing great results on the big stage.


When a child wins a chess game, it is their reward for hard work, dedication and most importantly, a willingness to learn

Chess Academy

This Chess Academy runs four distinct Chess programs focused to equipping players with technical and tactical skills for playing chess at recreational and competitive levels.

Merchandising and Equipment

This is an ancillary service to the Chess Academy and seeks to source and make available, equipment, kit and tools needed in Chess Academy.

Coaching and Parental Support

This team provides a bridging function by helping to build a Chess loving community in children and parents and the entire community.

  • Brian Kidula

    " I am a veteran Kenyan chess player with over 25 years experience in the game and the CEO/Founder of Terrian Chess Academy"

  • Ricky Sang

    " As the Marketing Manager, I firmly believe in the benefit of introducing chess to kids at a young age as it helps foster their mental capability and inculcate a discipline of analyzing situations and making correct choices"

  • Ben Magana

    " Provides relevant training to the most talented kids in the academy, which includes enhancing their cognitive and reasoning skills, with an aim of making all the children maximize their God-given potential."

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