The Chess Academy

Kenya is awash with world class talent; sports, theatre, and entertainment are just but a few. Kenya is the next frontier of unexploited opportunities in tourism and wildlife, mineral resources and oil, as well as emerging sports. Key among such sports is rugby, cricket and chess. As an emerging sport access to learning and playing Chess still remains a big challenge to many Kenyans due to, among others, the lack of trainers and schools where such an exercise can be undertaken. And easy access to equipment - chess sets and boards can also hamper the uptake in playing chess.

This void is what Terrian Chess Academy (TCA) was founded to fill. Without despising a humble beginning, TCA has steadily, in collaboration with the crème de la crème in the chess world, enrolled children in learning chess. As the chess skills and the mastery is imparted to the young learners, the national junior team will be constantly beefed up while preparation for the senior team is grounded. This conveyor belt of producing talent is what shall catapult Kenya to producing great results on the big stage. Besides, young boys and girls have an opportunity to turn away from vices that could easily ruin their lives. In Russia for instance, chess has been part of the curriculum for over 40 years, where adolescents have been encouraged to play chess at a very early age to increase their problem-solving and reasoning skills.

In the past it was deemed that chess lacked popularity because the benefits of chess were hitherto unknown. Even today, most of the Kenyan population is not aware of the benefits of chess as a sport. TCA, as part of expanding its outreach has initiated opportunities that expound on the benefits of chess, which include but not limited to optimizing concentration ability, logical thinking ability and enhancing creativity in children. Chess encourages healthy competition and teaches patience. Such opportunities have encompassed scheduled media posts in the dailies and updates on the social media, organized events that promote chess including mini competitions among others.

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